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Rover show hook up

Duji calls in from her daughter's school.

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Charlie signed up for MoviePass. Guy calls in for help because his daughter has leukemia.

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Live in Gallup, New Mexico. Rover reads emails, commercial, news discussion, shizzy,commercial,news discussion, shizzy, commercial, news discussion, shizzy, commercial, rip on Duji, rip on JLR, read plugs for the show sponsors, pimp the Aftermath, end of show.

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Not being a downer. I don't think Charlie is lying. Age 30 Occupation Tattoo artist. Woman lights boyfriend on fire and then puts him out with urine.

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Trump promised fire and fury for North Korea if it continued threats. Rover can pick and choose who he puts on the air, so obviously, he is only going to put calls on that actually want it St Maarten tourist killed by jet blast at notorious Caribbean airport.

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Duji is thinking of reaching out to her ex. Caller on London Subway thought she was in the middle of a terrorist attack.

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Live from Grand Rapids. Rover had a dream about calendar girls. Rover woke up in the middle of the rover show hook up to order the new iPhone.

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Snitzer got pulled over on his electric skateboard. I don't know how the ratings work, but I assume it would involve "time spent listening" as a metric.

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Click I Have iTunes to open it now. Fox kept Bill O'Reilly despite 32M sexual harassment settlement. Rover's Morning Glory VidInfo

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