30 something dating 20 something 5 Things Women Need to Know About Men in Their 30s

30 something dating 20 something

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It's simply how private dating scan leicestershire women I know view the advantages and disadvantages of dating older men. You don't seem to be making an 30 something dating 20 something effort to consider this topic. And there is the money, of course. Women in their early 20's are the easiest for me to meet and date. I'd suggest you can probably date a little further outside those lines.

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She'll date the dude in her peer group who most definitely isn't wining or dining her. At 30 you can get the polished gem, where that same man would have been a rough diamond needing a damn good polishing at They can't, and that's why they stick with old hoes.

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For women, the draw of slightly older men while the women are late teens and early 20s is: How can this explain men in their early thirties who sleep with women in their early twenties but have few material resources? Your average 45 yo guy is considered far more attractive to women than your average 25 yo guy.

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This is not one of them. Again, they understand women. As I've said elsewhere, I think the max realistic date down age is about 8 years.

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Oh yes I was definitely speculating at this point. That means no joking about him being an old man or way, way worse… an old fart.

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You think wealthy guys have to offer trips abroad to fuck women? More so than the other way around. This page may be out of date.

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Not all women need to be wined and dined or taken on expensive outings. Why are you posting at all? I don't think you should either, if all you've got to back it up is one woman's experience and a sense of how 21 year old women view older men.

Which leads me to….

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Also, gf is 5'3" blond haired blue eyed, C chest, "curvy" in the traditional sense NOT "obese" sense lol. Or go for the jackpot, but expect hard work beyond that, getting progressively harder. Aka he's more "sophisticated.

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I think an out of shape guy in his 30s should probably forget about it. Which leads me to… 3.

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