Dating skookum dolls Skookum doll

Dating skookum dolls

Charles Edward Turnbull dolls.

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The table below illustrates the Skookum Indian doll labels we have found to date. Bild Lilli Doll Clones.

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They were factory made dolls from the 's - 's that resembled Native American people and were usually sold in tourist spots. In the s, when paper tape moccasins replaced the leather ones, plastic masks made in the U.

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Later blankets had satin bindings as dating skookum. The use of plastic molded moccasins makes these late dolls very easy to date. Dyed cotton gauze was used for shirts and kerchiefs. Sybil Jason doll how to know if you are just dating or in a relationship. This page was last edited on 11 Septemberat Halopeau H Mold Dolls Lanternier et Key dating Germany was well known for its high quality doll masks and was the largest maker of doll parts for export at the time.

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Manhattan Walking Dolls This label was used on dolls distributed by ANCO. Roberta Doll Co ss.

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Usually had blankets, jewelry and other accessories. China Orthodox jewish matchmaking services Antique or Reproduction.

Wool doll was used for the male's pants as well as for some of the larger doll dolls fringed dresses and smaller doll's underskirts.

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The dolls started to become so popular that Mary McAboy partnered with H. Fortune Doll Company s.

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Art Craft Toy Products Gamages department store The look of the doll stayed the same but some of the materials used to make them changed and plastic and some other materials were used. Legs were made of wooden dowel rods. Polished cottons, cotton blends, and rayon silks are used.

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Most Skookum dolls were made so they look to the right. This seems to be the case particularly in the late teens through the s.

What does the word Skookum mean? Royal Doll Mfg Co The dolls were often packaged in distinctive boxes, with the slogan Bully Goodand were described in marketing materials as "The Great Indian Character Doll". Ontario Plastics, Inc s.

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Mary McAboy was aware that Indians on the reservations wore similarly patterned wool trade blankets so it would seem a natural choice. She had difficulty processing large numbers of apples, as excessive moisture led to rotting.

Hair was made of mohair or cotton string.

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Mollye's D oll Co s. In the years when apple head dolls transitioned to composition masks, leather covered wooden feet were used exclusively. Honey Hill Bunch The blankets had a thick flannel feel and the designs were well suited for the dolls. Atlas Doll Company