Hip hop hook up songs The 25 Best Hip-Hop Love Songs

Hip hop hook up songs, here’s what everyone had to say about complexcon day 1

Billboard hip-hop editors Adelle Platon and Dan Rys' picks for 2015’s best rap songs.

Dom Kennedy and west coast veteran Too Short deliver a laid back jam great for bedroom relaxation. These beats are for noncommercial use only.

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Dot captured from the frontlines with "Alright. But the ATL natives had no qualms about sharing their women as fruit mentality.

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I was the realist. Sexual themes have long been a part of rap music and they will continue to be for the hip hop hook up songs future. Part II The getfuckedup anthem lives and dies by its hook, and this one is sticky as hell. Naughty By Nature opened up a can of worms with their classic song 'O.

'Doin’ It'

In fact, some of his best songs are about sex. On his classic hit 'Doin' It,' the Queens rapper reveals his sexual desires to a fictitious lover, played by rapper LeShaun.

You just want to eat them up.

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For security reasons body language attraction for successful dating should upgrade your browser. Cole chose to drop this as his lead single off his Sophomore album 'Born Sinner' and has said that there is a double meaning to the song, while being about a girl, he has also said that it is about his love of Hip-Hop, and that, in his words, the genre has "got me up all night" trying to make that hit single.

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Mobb Deep Feat. 112 - 'Hey Luv (Anything)'

Treach was definitely a ladies man as he explained the rules of O. If the Atlanta rhymer finds his soulmate, he promises to give her all of the finer things in life.

Are you down with 'O. This classic jam has that muddy early-mid 90s sound with a killer bass line and is sure to help you get your rocks off.

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B's debut single, released inwas the song on everyones lips and unsurprisingly debuted at number 1 in the UK singles chart. Also, Lil Wayne shows up to do the hook.

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Miramax Just in time for Valentine's day, Spotify has released a list of the best songs to make love to. Kim gives in depth details on her sexual escapades while expressing that sometimes only lip service is wanted.