Second cousin once removed dating I am in love with my 2nd cousin once this okay?

Second cousin once removed dating

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Or is he a descendent of your grandmother or grandfather's brother or sister? Related Questions Can I marry my 1st cousin once removed removed?

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Straight Dope Message Board. The only possible issue is if the previously-unknown cousin becomes part of the family there might be some weirdness. Find all posts by JRDelirious.

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Oliver P So far, it has been hard to sort of keep it a secret, but like I said, we are usually alone. Undiscovered sibling is second where my squick level lies.

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Originally Posted by StusBlues. So the thought of second never bothered me.


Let's say my father, Stan, married a woman named Mary, and they had me, Robert; Stan also has a child from a previous marriage, Peg. I think it would have to be second cousins. All my enemies are in the same place. Incest is having sex with someone who is too closely related for you to be allowed to get married. It's weird when i think about me and him being related, definitely too close for comfort!

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I have a second cousin. Although we aren't necessarily cousin blood datings, we treat each other like family, so we grande prairie ab dating sites see each other as cousins in a way.

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It's a pretty irrational taboo. How is he related to you? It begs the question. I don't really know any relatives past that, so second cousins would probably be fine, but I'd be really weirded out if I somehow met a relative walking around Tokyo, no matter how distant.

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