Vampire diaries hook up 'The Vampire Diaries': Elena And Damon Hook Up, But Is It What It Seems? (VIDEO)

Vampire diaries hook up

She tells him if he keeps pushing people away, he's going to end up alone.

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He did this at the beginning of his happy, perfect summer with Elena. Damon, hurt and angered by this, bitterly told her that she and Katherine had a lot more in common than their physical appearances before leaving her alone on the porch.

He accepts Elena as a vampire now. When they arrived at her house, Elena asked him if he saw the ring, and he admitted he didn't and that he got lucky vampire diaries the ring, given the fact that he could have truly killed Jeremy. And then he told her that he wanted her to have everything she wanted. He urges her to do the same. He sat on the floor next to her and hugged her. Damon and Elena both admit to each other that they were half faking their feelings at the bonfire. He told her to turn it off that this was what he wanted for her to do.

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When he found her, he and Bonnie took a flight back to Mystic Falls. Jeremy needs a normal life so Elena asks Damon to compel him to leave town for a long while and never think twice about it.

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At Bonnie's funeral Damon consoles Elena as they both mourn Bonnie's death. While Elena is unpacking her stuff, Damon visits her and linx dating price talk about the cabin and Caroline's father.

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Stefan and Damon are given an ultimatum from Elijah that puts Elena in hook so they turn to Meredith and Alaric for help which ends up being a terrible choice, the killing of Abby Bennett. He asked Elena to dance and she accepted—for herself and Stefan. He wanted to see Elena, but Stefan said they can't let him do that because with the sire bond, he'd be able to get Elena to let him out.

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She shyly admits that find out if hes on a dating site had wanted to share a dance with him today. After realizing how he's changing her, he decides to break up with her, causing her great heartbreak.

Kai revealed that he linked Elena and Bonnie together. She needs Alaric to do something for her. He corners her near the locker and admits he doesn't know what to say, but just wants to take her into one of the classrooms and kiss every square inch of her body while people who drive minivans listen and wish they were them but then adds that it is probably a bad idea.

She however refuses the compulsion and instead wants to remember everything that transpired.

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In Handle with CareDamon and Elena hook at Salvatore Mansion snuggling by the fire and debating how good a day it was about to be when Silas made his entrance. Damon visits Stefan and tells him they have to go get Elena, but he doesn't know vampire diaries she is, so they need leverage.

Elena and Damon

He even plans to take the cure so that they can live out their human lives together. In Bring It OnElena was laying in the middle of the street similar to what Damon doeswaited for a car to stop, and fed on the vervain-free driver until Damon showed up and told her to show some restraint.

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