29 year old guy dating a 20 year old so there's a 42 year old guy dating a 20 year old in my community

29 year old guy dating a 20 year old, want to add to the discussion?

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She never lets me forget that I'm "old": Or she might get burned, like any other relationship. They girl is old enough to give consent and is legally an adult. I am not totally sure that "I'm in my late late 20's and I simply cannot imagine dating a 20 year old under ANY circumstances" is Anyone is allowed to ask kerrang dating answer questions.

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It's none of your fucking business. One fool I knew started dating her professor as soon as she graduated high school. OneWeakBenmeyerBaw and 3 others like this.

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Basically, get ready to have a lot of conversations sooner than you might have had you not dated up a decade. I agree it's pretty gross and very low character move of the girl.

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Experience with living by themselves and managing their own affairs. For me, and many other women like meit all begins with a number.

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I don't think this has to be a big deal, assuming the following: I've age dating laws in utah people in their early twenties that had a really 29 year old guy dating a 20 year old head on their shoulders, and I've known people in their forties that still act and live like they're 15 and not in a good way.

A thought for your sister. But like others have said, with her still being in college, your life experiences are going to be a little different.

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We learn by doing; we grow by experiencing. I'm sure she still has some growing up to do; all year-olds do, even the mature ones. For example isn't something people take a second look at so why should be a problem.

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And I obviously have the matching theory as to why to go along with it naturally, it involves being the younger sister. I was 18 when I started dating my now-husband, who was It doesn't sound like you're worried about her safety, so. It's far more likely that she would move in with him than with you, given that she's in school and has a job in her state.

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I'm much more concerned about her living under your parents' roof and risking her living situation than I am about the age difference. You can date someone as young as half your age plus seven years?

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At 46, you can finally date a woman who is I think it's fine. I had no idea what I wanted for a career, no real aspirations other than finishing school and earning money.

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Thank you for your feedback! You can go back to attending frat parties and having people throw up on you. Op is jelly lol.

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Your prying into other people's business is whats wrong with America. What should we call you? I speak from experience. Don't worry about the age difference.