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The similar but infinitely more attractive choice would the Slim body type, a body type that most men would want a girlfriend to be. As a result they use Slender and Athletic to describe themselves when they are quite heavyset.

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My thought process while reading the comments btw, I'm 5'8, and I wear a size 6, and I have my body type labeled as 'average' was: Thank you so much! Remember you're selecting for a partner just as much as those people who are ruling out the curvies -- and do you really want to waste all those delicious lumps on some two pump chump who couldn't handle it anyway?

Why would ghost dating service need to say shit to me if you were even remotely successful as you claim? D I think "bear mode" would be a more accurate description, to be honest.

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I agree with David on this. They have clubs for that.

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It's all out there on videos and articles within my site and it's real advice that I prove works for japanese dating show. But who the fuck knows, right? I was really trying not to be totally superficial, because I think with a great personal trainer and a little bit of drive, anyone can whip it into shape.

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Just an article about how people use the categories erroneously IMOprobably men included. Home Recent Discussions Search. Have the datings site average body type been diluted?

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I have a pretty small belly, some love handles, and a little extra in my shoulders and back, all of which is only slightly noticeable while clothed. There's a few who are actually a few extra pounds, but now the majority in this category are morbidly obese to the extent that you wonder how they walk.

I have basically have average and overweight to choose from.

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Why not just post an honest height and weight? So yeah, fuck the haters.

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Or a health show questionairre. I would like to say, in addition, the surprising lack of support for the Curvy genre.

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This is with several recent full body photos on my profile, clearly showing how my body looks. I have NO problem with showing my body off to anyone that thinks otherwise. Needless to say, I select average and move on to the next question……. Curvy most definitely does not mean hot here.