Technics turntable hookup Technics Home Stereo Hook Up Directions

Technics turntable hookup

Does it have speakers on its own?

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Not connecting the ground wire will result in an unpleasant buzzing. Plug one end of an RCA cable to the red and white "Out" or "Output" RCA jacks on the back of one of your components, and plug the other end of the RCA cable into the corresponding red and white "In" RCA jacks on the back of the receiver, matching red-to-red and white-to-white.

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If you need more info please contact audio-solutions atus. Do I need to buy the cables or do your turntables come with them included? Please send them an email at audio-solutions atus. If you have one of these old technics, there's a good chance it will still work well with CD and DVD players.

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First things first — the simple setup: There might be two sets of front speaker outputs on the back of the receiver, labeled A and B. What I want to know is where the volume is controlled.

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If you have more questions about your Audio-Technica turntable hookup, please contact our Audio Solutions Department. The units below are listed roughly in order of increasing quality: PSB model image 2B see link for full specs: This is fine, just match red to red and white to black. Is there a volume control on the turntable? Another handy hint — the more stable the surface, the better your turntable will sound. Setup 2 — 3.

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To learn more about your specific turntable please contact audio-solutions atus. How do I connect my Audio-Technica turntable to powered speakers?

More on that below, too. It also has another one but it has no name just a symbol, that one is used to turntable hookup the keyboard alone.

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Okay, how do I set it up to play properly? Please contact audio-solutions atus.

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Can I ask if the red and white cable that connects to my speakers can be removed from back dating famous man the turntable? The setups, discussed below, are quick and simple.

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Hey Sam, the Audio Solutions Team can discuss which speakers work best. It should be OK to use either.

There are no easy, cut-and-dried answers to these questions. You can reach them at audio-solutions atus. Most cartridges have an entry in the Cartridge Database at Vinyl Engine.

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Press the "Speakers" button on the receiver to activate the speakers. It can ruin your records, your needle, and even your speakers if it gets out of control.