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So why exactly should men have a piece of the maternity leave?!?!?

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Our semblances end there. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait.

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Whatever a man decides to do is up to him. It is free and quick.

Parce qu'on est les meilleures blondes du monde.

Do they dating, take more care of their appearance? The exaggeration is slight, but they mainly lived in these three rooms and could never leave the house without their father or husband. Ever wonder if Canada truly has a face?

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Your writing style needs work. This is a great article. Oh my god, can someone please send a man to help me???? In Scandinavian countries and The Netherlands to girl a few it is the same as in Canada. Because dating sign of attraction want to take care dating for free online their children??????????????????

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It truly astounds me how ignorant some people can be. Another guy said it great too.

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There is nothing sexier than a confident man. Additional giveaways are planned. We're still delicate flowers when need be. Woman regrets drunk sex?

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Can I point out how ignorant and rude you are? He literally confessed that he hated her all of a sudden.

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They are not respected and still expected to open doors and do laundry, cooking and be a bitch. You have to find yourself a psychiatrist.

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Ranting and raving about girls paying for their own first datesand opening their own doors. But I also agree with some of the people here saying that Europe is not Russia.

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And ones she has decided to pursue her own carreer it is quite unfair to expect her to work a 40 hour job and do all the household tasks while her hubbie is watching TV or goes out with his palls. Everyone doing their things not bothering with others.

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Yet, if you read the books or watch the movies from America, Europe or Russia you will see no difference in the way men act towards ladies. Please be respectful of our need for space. Do you live in Toronto by any chance? Men behave like men!!!!

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What does this even has to do with history?