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Elevation church dating series, fix your focus

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What should we actually be focusing on? Offense is an event, but offended is a decision.

When is it ok to start dating after a break up

What is our first response when life unexpectedly hits hard? Club Un Qualified Un Qualified. In part 4 of our series Meant to Be, Pastor Steven, and his wife, Holly, shared personal examples, scriptural insight, and six ways we can allow God to work in our everyday relational challenges.

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It Had To Happen Sermon. The Remains of Revival Sermon.

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And can the prison of offense actually be escaped? Piece It Together Un Qualified. Is there sex dating apps philippines way to live less offended?

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When Anxiety Attacks Sermon. The Haunted Heart Sermon. It Works Both Ways Sermon.

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The Whisper of Christmas Sermon. Give and Take Full. The Frame Game Sermon. Chase The Chariot Sermon.

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What can we do to ensure we have what we need when this happens? Why Am I Anxious? Learn how our faith is stretched though giving and discover why scarcity is where God does His best work.

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